KIRA™ Natural Teakwood Utensils

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The Perfect Natural Kitchen Utensil Set For Your Kitchen

KIRA™ Natural Teakwood Utensils is the perfect kitchen utensil set for your kitchen. Made from natural teakwood, for longer durability and timeless style. Our Set of Seven includes everything you need for delicious home cooking. Use it for cooking, baking, and more. Prepare tasty and healthy meals with our Natural Teakwood Utensils for your loved ones to enjoy today!

✔️  All-Natural and Chemical FREE: Protect your loved ones from substances in silicone and plastic by preparing delicious food with All-Natural tools. Have the assurance that no unwanted chemicals get into your family dinners and have safe tasty meals together!

✔️  Anti-Scratch: Our handcrafted natural utensil set has smooth finishes which guarantee to never scratch your current pots and pans. Extending the life span of your cookware and keeping them looking brand new for a long time!

✔️  Made to Last: Our utensils are made with durable and long-lasting natural teakwood. Making them comfortable in your hands and easily scraping leftover dried foods in your pots and pans. Extremely to clean when you're done with them!

✔️  Everything You Need: Both sets will provide all the kitchen utensils you will ever need from cooking, baking, and more!

Spatula - 13" x 3.2" / 33cm x 8cm
Turner - 12.5" x  3" / 32cm x 7.5cm
Colander - 11" x 3" / 28cm x 8.2cm
Soup Ladle - 10.5" x 3" / 27cm x 7.8cm
Mixing Spoon - 10" x 2.5" / 26cm x 6.3cm
Serving Spoon - 9.5" x 2.75" / 23.8cm x 7cm
Rice Spoon - 7" x 3" / 18cm x 8cm

Set of SEVEN Includes
1 x Spatula
1 x Colander
1 x Mixing Spoon
1 x Serving Spoon
1 x Turner 
1 x Soup Ladle
1 x Rice Spoon

Set of FIVE Includes
1 x Spatula
1 x Turner
1 x Colander
1 x Soup Ladle
1 x Serving Spoon

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